Tuesday, November 03, 2009

I like... I don't like... November edition

A lot of bloggers have been posting these stream-of-consciousness lists lately, and I love reading them, so I thought I'd post one of my own, organized by the season in which we (in the Northern Hemisphere) find ourselves... If you post a list of your own, let me know, I'd love to read yours!

In November I like...

  • a good sparkly sunny day
  • baked squashes and root veggies of all kinds
  • turning on the oven for any reason, and then leaving the door open when it's done, for the extra heat!
  • the smell of fires burning in the fireplace, and the fires themselves for that matter
  • mulled wine, mulled cider, hot toddies
  • scented candles
  • my Philosophy cinnamon bun scented body wash
  • using the space heater in the bathroom so a shower becomes a sauna experience
  • apples!
  • looking forward to the holidays- songs, cookies, travel
  • tea, tea, tea! and teapots, mugs, accessories, cozies, etc.
  • lots of throw blankets and fuzzy socks and slippers and heat packs
  • cozy Thanksgiving at home, and planning for it
  • cranberries and canned pumpkin- on sale!
  • seeing lights and decorations in public places and peoples' houses

In November I don't like...
  • when daylight savings time ends and it's dark around 4 p.m...
  • and knowing that in a couple of weeks it'll be dark at 8 a.m. too
  • cold!
  • knowing I won't eat another fresh tomato for about 8 months
  • food photography is difficult because natural light is gone, and it's dark by the time dinner's ready (or sometimes lunch, for that matter)
  • putting clothes on when they are cold- it's physical torture for me!
  • looking forward to the holidays- consumerism, commercialization, figuring out what to do with the kitties
  • dry, pale skin
  • raking leaves- over and over again
  • cold numb toes
  • fearing the first snow
  • wearing layers of clothing- makes me feel fat, itchy, and claustrophobic
  • the endless search for a pretty! warm! functional! affordable! vegan! winter coat
  • sports- I just don't care!
  • 3 words: seasonal. affective. disorder.
  • the farmers market becomes a sea of potatoes and turnips... (nothing against potatoes and turnips, which I love, but I miss the color and variety of a summer market)



Mihl said...

Now I don't feel bad anymore for baking too much and leaving the oven door open all the time :)

Trinity (of haiku tofu) said...

I will miss tomatoes so terribly.

nora said...

love the list! it was fun to read and so relatable!
is philosophy cinnamon bun vegan?! my mom used to buy it every year but i'd assumed i could never get it again (i never actually checked!) so excited!

Lisa -- Cravin' Veggies said...

Ditto. Everything.

bazu said...

Hi Nora- I think Philosophy has stated that they don't do any animal testing. Some of their products have things like honey in them, but not the cinnamon bun one as far as I know- you can confirm with the company!

KathyF said...

What I hate is when the toilet seat is cold.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You sound just like me, I fear cold! I do love Thanksgiving though and fires. And snuggling!

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

I agree with so many of these.. apples! boring farmers markets!