Thursday, January 18, 2007

Stop Lowering Organic Standards!

As consumers of organic personal care products, you have the opportunity to have your voice heard. Please take this survey and pass the message on!

From the Organic Consumers Association (OCA):

Organic standards for personal care products (e.g. lotion, shampoo, toothpaste, cosmetics, etc.) are currently being developed by a task force. The OCA is fortunate to have a staff person serving as a voting representative for consumers on this task force. Unfortunately, we are the only voice for consumers on this task force made-up almost entirely of industry representatives. Please take this short 19 question survey to help us know better how to vote in a manner that creates a standard that protects your individual needs and desires, as a consumer of personal care products. You can have an important and effective hand in helping to sculpt organic standards simply by taking this quick anonymous survey now.

Please also forward this message.

(P.S. the OCA website is a great one to check out if you are not familiar with it- very informative, including information for activists:



Emmy said...

Thanks for the heads up about the survey. How scary that most people on the task force are industry reps. Consumers always seems to be an after-thought nowadays.

wheresmymind said...

No lowering standards allowed!!!

Kati said...

Thanks for the link, Bazu!

Aren't standards low enough already? It blows my mind to think of the kinds of chemical concoctions our government allows to be put in organic products. It seems that the job of the conscientious consumer is becoming more and more difficult instead of the reverse. The lack of progress in this arena is truly frightening.

Pixie said...

What an interesting survey. I submitted mine just now and I find it and the site rather interesting and informative. Thank you for sharing that, Bazu.

aTxVegn said...

That was an interesting and informative survey. It certainly reinforces my habit of always reading labels.

Vicki said...

i just took the survey - thanx for the heads up, bazu. it's disturbing how organic standards are in the hands of the money makers & they sure don't make it easy for label readers.

Anonymous said...

I just completed the survey. Thanks for giving us the link.

Oh, also - just wanted to make sure you knew that I was definitely NOT in agreement with Steven Shapin (the author of the New Yorker article). I do however find his point of view amusing (as well as frustrating and angering - is that even a word?). I think it's definitely interesting to read a non-vegan's point of view and review of the history of vegetarianism.

Like you, there were many statements that really pissed me off. Especially some of his arguments about why a plant based diet isn't better for the environment.

Anyway, I pulled it from my blog for now. I felt I should better explain my own opinion regarding the article. I don't want people to think that by interesting I mean great.

Ruthie said...


Thank you so much for the info.


Urban Vegan said...

I took the survey. Scary to think that "organic" can be such an arbitrary term.