Thursday, January 04, 2007

NYC images, part 3

Ok, one last post with NYC pictures...I swear, I'm not one of those people who tortures others with endless slides of their vacations... or am I?!

Since many of you have visited New York, you might be familiar with this building in SoHo, known simply as "11 Spring Street." It was an anomaly in New York City, a building that was abandoned and had been taken over by artists as an art and performance space. Over the years, artists of all kinds had added their own touches to this evolving building. Well, surprise, this building was finally sold to a developer (to be turned into condos) and this was the last time it would be accessible to the public.

Needless to say, 100's of people had lined up to get in and explore this building before it meets its fate.

While I didn't go inside, the art outside was unique and cool enough. Above is a 3-D display made of real produce, sticking out of one of the walls.

Here's an artist, spray-painting away as the crowds watched. I'm so glad I got to see this old landmark one last time...

Click here for an article about 11 Spring Street.

While in New York, I was excited at the chance to meet a fellow vegan blogger, Wiebke. I've never met a fellow blogger before! She was nice enough to pass on information about the Satya Magazine holiday party, being held at Red Bamboo in Brooklyn. Well, I love Satya magazine, I've always wanted to check out Red Bamboo, which is a famous vegetarian restaurant, and the party sounded fun, so I dragged my friends Tony and Dorota with me.

Here's me and Tony at the party. But I didn't get a chance to meet Wiebke. :-(

We got to try a lot of fun hors d'oeuvres (veggie shrimp and chicken and spring rolls, oh my!), and I also ordered veggie Buffalo wings. Living in Upstate NY, I am surrounded by actual chicken wings at every corner (restaurants often sell them by 20, 30, 50, or more- yuck!), so it felt really good to get to eat some cruelty-free wings, with celery and ranch dip. These were good, though greasy. As you can see, I forgot to take a picture before we'd pretty much devoured the whole plate! My friends, knowing that I would soon be starting a detox, joked that I was "retoxing" on beer and greasy (but yummy) foods!

The party was so fun (and SO crowded!), and it was good to see so many cool people in one place. Thanks, Satya magazine!

Finally, I leave you with one of the funnest aspects of visiting New York- getting to see Dorota's kitty, Willis. Here he is, sipping water from the countertop. She adopted him when he was a kitten and was found in a dumpster. Appearantly, his energetic meowing had caused him and his siblings to be rescued from the dumpster where they had been abandoned- you go, Willis!

Tomorrow, I will post my first friday food round-up - detox edition!



I am David said...

Sad to see what looks like a great building (and photo opp.) getting 'developed' into something with no character. Nice write up on it.

springsandwells said...

Hoorah for Willis. What a cutie! I'm looking forward to the detox round-up.

wheresmymind said...

Looks like that cat is drinking a coffay!

Kati said...

Vegan "wings" - oh my! Those sound delicious. They have them at Chicago Diner and I've never gotten around to trying them. One of these days...

Looking forward to the detox round-up! I saw that someone mentioned scones in relation to this book in one of your previous posts?? Any detox that allows me to eat scones is one that I need to look into again. =)

Nikki said...

Oh gosh, vegan wings... My resolve is breaking!!!

It was funny, when I was in NYC we met up with M's brother after he got out of work at some pub. Nice place, no veg food in site though. I was not hungry, but M and his bro ordered some apps to go with their brews and they had to pick the two things that I was addicted to pre-veg, calamari and wings!

Ugh. At least I got to eat the celery and carrots that came with the wings. I've been craving that yummy spicy sauce ever since!

Your friend's kitty is so very expressive. I love the name Willis!

madeinalaska said...

I for one like your little photo essay of your trip to New York. It is one place I would love to visit.

aTxVegn said...

What a great trip, Bazu! The party sounds like it was a blast.

I love the kitty photo. My sister's cats drink on the countertops, but from the faucets! A slow drip in the kitchen or bathroom - at least they don't lick the fixtures....

Can't wait for the roundup!

islandgirlshell said...

glad to see you back!! love all the pictures. and, hey, you got some buffalo wings :)


laura jesser said...

So sad about 11 Spring Street... places like that should be allowed to remain.

Wow... the "wings" look so real, I would probably refuse to eat it if it was served to me! That's unbelievable!

I'm excited to read about your detox experience. I've been thinking very strongly about doing a detox myself.