Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Happy Norooz!

Image courtesy of: http://www.pejmanesque.com/archives/Haftsin.jpg

One of the most fun things about Norooz, or Iranian New Year, is that it it tied precisely to the moment of the Vernal Equinox- when Winter turns to Spring, and day and night are exactly the same length.

So you can figure out exactly when that moment comes in any given year, and know that your friends and family all over the world are celebrating at exactly the same moment. For me in New York, that moment will be 8:07:26 p.m. tonight.

Do you want to know exactly when spring will come to your neck of the woods? Click here: http://www.farsinet.com/noruz/hajifiruz2.html.

It is customary to call all your closest friends and family soon after the ringing in of the new year to wish them a happy Norooz. Usually, younger people call older people as a sign of respect. And, for the next 13 days, people visit each other and adults give children "eidi" or new year's cash. Leading up to today, Iranians all around the world have been spring cleaning, buying new clothes, creating their "haft sin" tables, and getting excited about the holiday. It's a pretty sweet time of the year... especially if you're a kid!

More to come soon!



theONLYtania said...

Hey! Well happy Norooz then! Thanks for the info about the holiday, it's so interesting! Do Iranian's still start the calendar year in January.. etc? Sorry.. I have no idea!

KleoPatra said...


Sounds like a lot of fun, too, not just for the kiddies!!

Johanna3 said...

Thanks for the info about the holiday, it's looks very interesting.

Emmie said...

Happy New Year! We're celebrating Norooz at work this year, one of my colleagues is from Iran and really doesn't have anyone to celebrate with here.

I'm having a small celebration of my own tonight, with my man just to celebrate that it's finally spring and that I can finally stop being depressed! Yay spring!

SusanV said...

Happy new year! I sure hope that you'll soon be seeing more Spring-ish weather. Sorry to hear about your being locked out--what a scary ordeal! It just HAS to get warmer soon.

Susan said...

Happy New Year! I love to learn about different cultural traditions.

wheresmymind said...

I want some cash from my elders!! lol

Mikaela said...

Well, I'm late (I should've sent this at 08:07:26 PM), but happy new year and spring to you! :)

Jackie said...

Sad Saal be in Saal-ha - Wishing you 100 more Happy New Years.

Norooz will be an hour before Tehran here in South Africa going by the link you gave us so that should then be the beginning of our Autumn.

Urban Vegan said...

A happy, healthy Norooz, Bazu. Thanks for telling us about this special celebration. Spring is my favorite season.

Can I be an honorary Iranian?

Kati said...

Sounds like fun! It is very rainy today in Chicago - I can't think of anything more Springlike. :P Here's hoping your ice melts soon...

b36Kitchen said...

Happy Norooz! What an awesome holiday, i've never heard of it. Being a child during this holiday must be great!!


aTxVegn said...

Happy Norooz, Bazu! That was such an interesting read. Does it feel like spring yet?

bazu said...

Thank you for your well wishes everyone!

Tania, technically, this is the Iranian new year, when the date changes on the calendar, etc. Kids get some time off from school too- another reason to love it!

Kleo and Johanna, thank you !

Emmie, so cool that you're celebrating. The fact that it signals the beginning of spring is my #1 reason to love the holiday- I guess I'm just a pagan like that!

SusanV, thank you. It was no fun to be locked out in the snow, but I'm cautiously optimistic that the snow is gone now. For good. stay tuned.

Susan, you are so kind. I learn so much from your blog, too!

Jeff, I want cash too, darnit!

Mikaela, you are too nice- thank you and happy spring to you too!

Jackie, I hate that I'm such a northern hemisphere chauvinist- of course in the south, this is the beginning of autumn... gives a whole new twist to the holiday, doesn't it?

Urban Vegan, I love spring too. I'm biased, since I was born in March... but I really do love the renewal. The air smells better when the weather changes. You are hereby an honorary Iranian!

Kati, thanks for your warm wishes- it's raining here tonight, so I'm gonna go out on a limb and say the snow is over!

Jenna, I totally agree- this holiday is so fun for kids. Food, clothes, friends and family, and yes... cash. Sigh- I wish I was younger!

Diann, thank you! Just today the temperatures warmed up (to almost 50!) so yes, the snow is melting and I can finally feel like Spring is here.

scottishvegan said...

A bit late, but Happy Norooz! Very interesting post...I didn't know about any of this before!

Melody said...

Wow, what a great lesson here... I never knew any of this.

Happy belated Norooz!

Theresa said...

Well Happy Norooz to you! It was actually the first proper day of autumn here the other day--I celebrated by getting some mango out of the freezer and having ice cream!