Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Buy Nothing Day!

Friday November 24 is worldwide Buy Nothing Day (BND).

For the last 4 or 5 years, taking a stance against the consumerism that Thanksgiving and the entire holiday season represent has been one of my favorite traditions. It's ridiculously fun and liberating to spend the day after Thanksgiving buying nothing.

As children growing up, we are taught that Thanksgiving is a timeless tradition of togetherness and gratitude, an unbroken chain of goodwill passed down from the time of the Pilgrims. Did you know that American Thanksgiving wasn't even made an official holiday until the 1940's and that FDR was forced to choose the date on the basis of how advantageous it would be to retailers? There was never Thanksgiving without mass consumption. But all around the world, people play their small role in saying no to this insidious ploy.

What can you do? Don't go shopping, and don't buy anything on "Black Friday", the day after Thanksgiving. (You don't want to be those freaks they show on the 11 o'clock news who lined up since 3 in the morning to get a T.V. on sale at Wal Mart anyway, do you?)

Look at the official Buy Nothing Day website for ideas for creative and fun things you can do to spread the word. In the past I've made fliers, held non-consumption parties, and put up posters--what are some of your ideas?

Brought to you by your friendly culture jammers at Adbusters.

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aTxVegn said...

Yes! I am sleeping late Friday and you won't catch me anywhere near a megamart. I haven't been to a mall in I don't know how long.

I might have to buy some food though.....

Paulie said...

Yeah Friday is pay day and I gotta re-stock the kitchen. Aside from that I will buy nothing tho!

wheresmymind said...

I'm scared of the malls on days like Friday so I stay away

Anonymous said...

thanks for the links, have a great weekend!

Dori said...

I agree with refusing to go material. It is ridiculous! There were kids in my class who camped out at Wal-mart for 36 hours to get the new Play Station 3 video game unit for more than $500. Then a few stayed longer in case someone's credit card didn't go through.

I'm going to go vote for you above. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Candi said...

Stick it to the man. Lol! I always laugh at that.

I am IN on the "Buy Nothing" day!! I will not join in the madness.

I loved that post. The little video is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Not only did I not buy anything, I also didn't drive anywhere. It was a happy day at home. We were painting our basement addition!

Ben Kaelan said...

I got to vote from work before heading home. Whoo hoo! *Crosses fingers* What do you win if you win? Is it lots of vegan chocolate? Cause if it's chocolate you have to share it with the rest of it... it's umm... a vegan blog rule..... yep... it's in the manifesto somewhere........ Section umm... C...... subparagraph 32........ .1!.... Mmmm Chocolate.... Okay... no blogging for Ben past midnight... I'm obviously retarded at this hour!

Ben Kaelan said...

rest of it = rest of us... I rest my case on post-midnight-retardedness