Wednesday, December 16, 2009

baby, it's cold outside

... and I hate it!

In the midst of the snow and cold and damp and grey and dark, I'd rather deal by having a flashback. Let's flash back to July and some blueberry picking, shall we?

can you just feel the warm sunshine?

can you just smell the green freshness all around?

can you see all those bursts of blue juiciness?

can you see those flies Japanese beetles doing naughty fly Japanese beetle things?

can you see Daiku picking away?

can you taste the fresh, fruity, plump and tangy blueberries?

can you feel your fingertips beginning to thaw just a bit?



No More Sad Geraniums said... you are making me want to replace the snow outside with blueberries...

Unknown said...

yay blueberries! also, those are not sporking flies, those are sporking Japanese beetles.


bazu said...

thanks, Kittee! I fixed it!

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

I can totally feel the warmth. Mmm...blueberries. I love the winter, though. The wetter and darker the better!

Renai said...

Oh that was just mean!!!

Jackie said...

We can get them here now and they have just come into season. So guess who is adding them to everything LOL.

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Come to California!

Mihl said...

We had our first snow today and I was happy. But the cold is killing me too. Thank you for sending warm blueberry rays.

Kati said...

Oh my god, it's Japanese beetle porn!

I seriously love blueberries. I have never picked them, though, just strawberries. Hopefully next so far in the distant future.

Anonymous said...


Hannah said...

Ah, happy memories... I do so miss blueberries. :(

Lady Elise said...

The photography on your blog is just lovely. The pictures really stand out!

Anonymous said...
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Sofa cleaning said...

these blueberries look gorgeous!