Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Saturday, 1 November, was world vegan day, and Daiku and I got to celebrate it in style by meeting up with a bunch of awesome people in perhaps England's most vegan city: Brighton! People came from as far afield as London and even the Netherlands for this day. We shopped for vegan shoes at Vegetarian Shoes, saw the sites, went antiquing, and I even got to see an original Banksy! But above all, we ate.

First, the Brighton kids took us out-of-towners to Infinity market, one of the biggest and best health food stores I've ever seen. I stocked up on nutritional yeast (I didn't know I'd miss it so much!) and other essentials. The best part was their bakery had fresh-baked scones (pictured above) and Chelsea buns. This was my first time getting to taste these British delicacies and they were so good!

Here's Jojo holding up... vegan haggis! I just had to get it (it gets its own post, coming soon!)

Next, we headed to The George, a vegan and vegetarian pub! How cool is that- this was the first time I got to go to a pub and order anything other than chips. But first, I passed out some American vegan goodies- oreos, sour patch kids, and tings!

Ok, if you were at a restaurant and their special for the day was the Elvis burger- a veggie burger with cheese, peanut butter and banana- wouldn't you order it? Most of us did! And you know what? It was actually really good!

Daiku ordered the mushroom and ale pie, which turned out to be huge- and very satisfying.

Next, we headed over to Infinity Café, for hot drinks. I thought, since I'd already had an Elvis burger, not to mention a scone AND a chelsea bun, that I was full, but then this fudgey chocolate cake caught my eye. Who can say no to vegan dessert? Not me! Our party also tried their almond cake and some other delicacies- all very well prepared and extremely tasty.

Even though it was a blistery and rainy day, we all had so much fun! To see other photos from this meet-up, take a look at my Brighton flickr set.


Monday, December 01, 2008

happy december!

Whew- I didn't realize that I was taking a bit of a blogging hiatus, but there you have it- a month sort of flew by. But, I can promise you that in the coming days, you can expect posts about a month's worth of traveling and vegan eating (of course!) in the following cities:
  • Brighton
  • Lille
  • Ghent
  • Berlin
  • Copenhagen
  • Malmö
  • Belfast
  • London
It's been a whirlwind month, and I'm so grateful for all the friends who made my travels possible. And now, I'm grateful to be sorting through the photos and notes and getting ready to blog about it all!