Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Yellow Rose testing deliciousness

Woah-the sun is out! (For the moment, I'll forget that it's only about 33 degrees outside). The days are getting longer, the sun is getting stronger, and suddenly, it's like a great big weight has been lifted off my chest! Suddenly, food photography is possible again, since I can cook and eat before it's dark. (Let's face it, food photos almost never look good without sunlight, right?) I feel like my blogging soul is arising from a long, depressing slumber and I can come back into the living world again. I have lots of food and recipes to share with you.

Today, I want to start with some tester recipes. Any of you who have Joanna's Yellow Rose Recipes book and love it as much as I do will be ecstatic to hear that she is at work on a second book! (Click here to visit Joanna's blog) This time around, I lucked out by being chosen as a recipe tester. Let me show you what I've made just in the past week- if these are any indication, the next few months are going to rock around my house.

First up, falafel. Yes, falafel. Those of you who remember me talking about eating tons of these in Paris will think I'm crazy when I tell you that I came home and made some more! But this recipe sounded so good, and I'd never made falafel from scratch before so I knew I'd want to give it a shot. And I'm glad I did- these are so light and flavorful, not heavy or greasy. I loved the fresh herbs in these.

Next up we have curried roasted squash soup- this soup came together in mere minutes, but the flavor is so deep and complex. Perfect for the still nippy weather we're having around here!

Next up, we have maple ginger tempeh. These blew my mind! I'm not usually a fan of tempeh bacon, but these had a perfect balance of sweet and smoky and savory- Daiku and I ate them up very quickly. They are equally good as breakfast or brunch, or in more savory creations like sandwiches or wraps.

Next up, we have a duo of chick salads- southern style with grapes (left) and curry-flavored with nuts and golden raisins (right). These were easy to make, and the flavors are so right on! Perfect as a sandwich filling, or on crackers, or just straight up as I'm eating some now. If you need a quick lunch or snack, or ever crave good old fashioned chicken salad (hold the cruelty), you will love these salads.

Here they are on marble rye toast for breakfast:

Yay for recipe testing, and yay for sunshine. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I'm back on the cooking and eating (and blogging!) track.

2 more happy things:

First, today is Trac's birthday! Go over there and wish her a happy one. I have been very lucky to meet someone this awesome and interesting right here in Syracuse. Happy birthday you rocking running vegan, you!

Secondly, I have some big, wonderful, fantastic, awesome news!!!!! But it's a secret. I'm dying to share with everyone, but am not at liberty yet, until it is for sure. So for now all I can say is YAY! (sorry, don't you hate when people do this?...)



Tami said...

Bazu, you know how much I love your blog....those pics are wonderful! We flipped over the falafel and the chick salad, too.

Looking forward to hearing your news!

Courtney said...

Wow--I am soooo jealous of your recipe tester status! Everything looks amazing, as usual. I can't believe you have never made falafel from scratch before! I am happy to hear you have a recipe you like for it--I love falafel!

Congratulations on your big news, whatever it may be!


trina said...

Well yay then...I'm so happy for all your happiness! And impressed with your citrus storage. Now go get some dried fava beans so that we can discuss stock.

Elizabeth said...

you're killing me! A bunch of delicious looking food I can't have recipes for until the cookbook comes out, and secret news! All I can say is you better tell us soon. :)

pleasantly plump vegan said...

wow, everything looks amazing. i <3The Yellow Rose Recipes. one of my favorite cookbooks to date. i can't wait to try some of those chick salads!
can't wait to hear yr news!!!

Okra Mary said...

Good lord! I'm going to guess three things that tend to be popular news items in the vegan blog world:

1. you're pregnant
2. you're writing a cookbook [and if you are I better be a tester!]

3. you're moving to portland

Romina said...

Wow nothing here looks short of amazing!

aTxVegn said...

Ditto what Mary said! I'm glad you're hungry and happy in the kitchen again. Your food looks spectacular!

Theresa said...

Wow, everything looks so good! Is the good news Hezbollah Tofu related? Perhaps Anthony Bourdain has gone vegan after seeing all the wonderful ways to cook without animal products?

springsandwells said...

You little devil! Now I can't wait for your news. What will it be???

Also, I am so jealous of you that you get to be a Yellow Kitchen Tester. I really want to be a tester someday. It seems so fun to be in on the secret.

I haven't had a chance to see the Yellow Kitchen book yet, but it's on my acquisition list!

:) love Amey!

sachinagg said...
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textual bulldog said...

ahhhhh bazu, i hate secrets! what what WHAT could it be? ditto okra mary above on the guesses...

the food all looks amazing. keep posting and you're definitely going to talk me into that book!

village mama said...

A fantastic happy secret thing for YOU is torture for the guessee...

runswithdog said...

Haha! I know the secret, everyone! LOL I NEVER know anything in advance so I am going to savor my hard-gained-over-sushi-dinner knowledge :-) It is the most enviable news possible!

And Happy Birthday to you, dear Bazu, soon to be a running vegan yourself!

Vegan_Noodle said...

Oh you lucky girl, a tester for joanna! All of it looks yum, but that maple ginger tempeh... oh my! It's really calling to me right now.

New!?! I love goods news. Can't wait to hear about it :-)

Mikaela said...

Wow... These photos are stunning, lady!

Hannah said...

Yum, looks like there will be tons of delicious recipes to look forward to in the next book!

And your pictures are simply gorgeous, too.

Wheeler's Frozen Dessert said...

Congrats on the mysterious good news, whatever it is. The pics DO look great in the sunlight, especially that falafel!

Rural Vegan said...

That is fabulous news about Joanna's new book, the test recipes look incredible!

Can we start a blog pool to guess your news? I'm going with Okra Mary's choice #1. :P Congrats, whatever your news is!

vko said...

Oh, we are all brimming with anticipation- whatever it is, sounds very very exciting and I am very very happy for you!

And how exciting that you are testing all these yummy recipes- love love the chick salads...

Can't wait to hear the good news!
lots of love to you, Daiku & kitties!

Wheeler's Frozen Dessert said...

Hi again! -
Just wanted to pass on this information. Thanks!

Boston Magazine recently published an article all about us this month - here is the link:

Oh So Soy!

If you have a few minutes to spare, could do us a huge favor and read the article and comment at the bottom of the page? We're very excited about getting such great press, especially from a magazine of this caliber. If everyone drops by and leaves a quick comment, soon there will be no doubt in any publisher's mind: YES, readers absolutely do want to know about vegan happenings and developments. Please don't hesitate to repost the article on your blog and spread the world!

Emily @ Wheeler's Frozen Desserts

jd said...

Grrr... I've been trying to curb my serious cookbook hoarding habit, but after reading your post I might have to break it to buy the Yellow Rose cookbook!

Great post - & congrats on your BIG news!! What could it be?!

springsandwells said...

Okay! So now that you're talking some sort of little prize, I have to venture a guess or two. These days, pretty much everyone who tells me that they have big news, they are pregnant. So that's always high on the list. On the blogosphere, people are often writing cookbooks. But, I have a few other ideas too:
are you going to buy a house with a garden?
you are going to be a professor?
you are going to write a book? (non-cookbook)
you are moving to Paris!
no, better yet,
you are moving to Santa Cruz?!

xo Amey

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

I need to get on my Joanna testing! I think I'm making the maple ginger tempeh this weekend.
Yay for awesome news, I can't wait to hear it!

Bridget said...

Okay this is what I get for not keeping up on my favorite blogs! If I knew there was news I would have been bugging you ALL DAY TODAY. And Trac didn't tell me either. The little sneak. I am dying to know!!!!

BTW - the chic salad - holy crap. Looks amazing.