Sunday, February 11, 2007

vegan potluck and Sarah Kramer

Tonight, we walked to a vegan potluck sponsored by SARO (Syracuse Animal Rights Organization). This was a fun, cozy way to spend a chilly evening.

Some highlights:
  • Meeting lots of cool people, laughing, and having great conversation
  • 2 of the people I met, finally! Trac and Bridget, fellow Syracuse bloggers
  • Great food! I only got a few dark blurry shots, but here are some of the highlights:

Marble cupcakes by Trac-these disappeared in a flash

A fantastic pasta with beans and sausage

Borscht with sour cream- mmmm!

Simple sauteed bok choi- super mmmm.

We took the pumpkin-oatmeal cookies from Vegan with a Vengeance. These are great for potlucks, because you can make them in advance and they only improve with time.

Some other food I wish I'd photographed:
  • peanut butter cookies
  • fruit salad
  • banana bread
  • "chicken" patties
  • vegetable soup
  • breads of all kinds
  • angel hair pasta with garlic and olive oil
  • salads galore
  • stuffed grape leaves with yogurt sauce
  • fantastic homemade hummus
  • cherry pineapple cake
  • chocolate Tofutti Cuties
  • a lot more!
It was cool that so many people showed up. Thank you Andy and everyone who threw this potluck- we hope to participate in this and more SARO events in the future!

Speaking of cool vegan events...

SARAH KRAMER FANS: You have 2 chances to meet Sarah Kramer, vegan chef extraordinaire (author of La Dolce Vegan and other cookbooks)

In New York City:

Saturday, February 17
3pm, MooShoes, 152 Allen Street
Take the F train to 2nd Avenue

Click here for more information

Call 866-59-VEGAN (Toll Free) for more information.

In Syracuse:

Tues Feb 20th
Syracuse University Hall of Languages
Room 500 for
The Committee on Women and Art and SARO. The demo starts at 7pm sharp so don't be late.



Theresa said...

Sounds like fun! I like how you started and ended the photos with the most important part of the meal--dessert!

Anonymous said...

yum, im drooling!

Ruthie said...

Man, I wish there was a veggie group here!

Mikaela said...

A friend of mine just surprised me w/ a batch of those pumpkin oatmeal cookies. They are to-die-for :)

Nikki said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!

I wish I could make it down to see Sarah Kramer!

Kati said...

Your potluck sounds like a lot of fun and a lot of good food! The cookies you made look perfect - I love that recipe.

Emmy said...

A vegan potluck sounds like so much fun. That's so cool you got to meet two fellow bloggers in person. It sounds like there was yummy food overload at the potluck!!

How neat Sarah Karmer is coming to NY. Too bad she's not coming to Chicago too :(

Emmy said...

Ah, I can't spell, I mean Sara Kramer....

Urban Vegan said...

sounds like such a great get together! with all that vegan yumminess, to boot.

Anonymous said...

An all vegan potluck sounds like a scene straight out of Vegan World!

runswithdog said...

It was great to meet you Bazu! And Daiku. There sure was a load of good food there.

Bridg and I are planning to go see Sara Kramer - she has turned into a super fan ever since she bought La Dolce Vegan.

Oh, and we think we have a location and date for the first vegan dinner :-)

Travel safe!

runswithdog said...

Oh, I just wanted to say that bok choi was the absolute best I have tasted in a long, long time!

And ruthie, if you don't have a local group, have you ever thought about starting one?

Anonymous said...

i just ran across this, Lauren told me about your blog. i don't keep up with these sort of things, but i hope you can keep up with our potlucks!
don't forget, and don't be late!
every sunday, 7pm, my house- 728 westcott st. syr.


Anonymous said...

oh yeah, and did you make it up to see Sarah Kramer up in Syracuse too?
too many people to tell if you came!