Saturday, February 10, 2007

food round-up

This is our first post-detox food round-up. (For those keeping track, we went about 4 or 5 weeks). Lately, I have been thinking about these food round-ups, and have decided to take them in a new direction rather than have them become repetitive or boring. Because of our detox, I've been thinking a lot--I think too much-- about limits and what I "can't" or "shouldn't" have. But that's not really my style. While I found the detox to be beneficial and enlightening, I'm ready to get back to the mode of celebrating food. No more forbidden foods or obsessing about ingredients, calories, or categories.

So, what's a vegan foodie to do instead? Something I've been promising you for a long time. For the next weeks and months, I'm going to devote myself to veganizing Iranian recipes. It will be a good way to get out of my normal kitchen habits, and to celebrate both veganism and my heritage. Starting with next week, each friday in addition to other note-worthy foods from the week, I will bring you at least one Iranian dish.

Winter is half-way done, people! Let's celebrate...

Last weekend, we had dinner at our friends' house. As always, they were beyond accomodating and cooked us this vegan feast, courtesy of a Moosewood restaurant cookbook: rice with black beans, topped with a mango salsa, with a coconut curry corn side dish. This dinner made us forget the freezing temperatures for a while!

As a thank you, we took dessert. This was my first cupcake baking expedition in a long time. These were heavenly chocolate mint cupcakes with a chocolate mint ganache from "Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World." We could not get enough.

This has become a regular in our house: a hearty vegetable soup with miso broth, served over udon noodles. I think potatoes and miso are a match made in heaven.

I had a sweet potato, some black beans, and not much more in the house. So this recipe from Albion Cooks was perfect. I modified it a bit, and finished it off in the oven, but the basic combination of sweet potatoes, potatoes, black beans, greens, olives and salsa is difficult to beat.

Dinner at King David's restaurant, a Middle Eastern/Green place we like to hit after working out. We usually split the mezze platter, which is beyond enough food for 2 people. Here you see hummus, baba ganouj (theirs is smoky and heavenly), a bowl of feta cheese and olives...

some stuffed grape leaves (we make sure to specify vegetarian), falafel patties with tahini/cucumber sauce, and fresh pita bread.

Nothing is more satisfying than tearing off a piece of hot fluffy bread and dipping away.

Breakfast tofu scramble- I really don't make this often enough! The scramble had tofu, onions, garlic, and capers and was colored by a bit of turmeric. It was topped with avocados, scallions, and lime juice, and served with toast and salsa.

Some Indian-style skillet potatoes and peas. A simple and satisfying dinner. Can you tell I'm on a potato kick lately?

Finally, a gratuitous kitty shot. Here are Marble and Bijou, chillaxing on the sofa. Can you believe that they are sisters and the same age? Marble looks so much smaller than Bijou! It boggles the mind.

Hope your weekends are warm and happy!

Restaurant Info:

King David's
129 Marshall St.
Syracuse, NY

King David's
317 Towne Dr.
Fayetteville , NY



Urban Vegan said...

I am always wowed by your food round ups. What great freinds you have to fete you with a vegan feast. And what pretty pussycats...they look so cozy lounging on the sofa.

Kati said...

Ooh I can't wait to see your Iranian dishes, but I never get bored with your round-ups. The only "problem" I run into is that I never know what to comment on, because everything always looks so good!

I've never tried the potato/miso combo before, but I like both I imagine a dish with the two would be excellent. The Indian potatoes and scrambled tofu also look like some things I need to be eating soon. I also need to be making some cupcakes (yours look so good with that chocolate drizzled on top) - I haven't made any in months. Too much food, not enough time!

It's so cute that your kitties are actually sisters! Their markings are almost identical. Bijou could pass as Marble's mommy because of the size difference. Awww!

vko said...

What a great idea- I can't wait to see all the Iranian dishes!!
One of my favorite restaurants in NYC is Persepolis- it's all persian cuisine and they make the most delicious eggplant/lentil stew served with cherry rice which I have been trying to find a good recipe for- I hope the stew is on your list to make!

And one should have MANDATORY kitty shots!!! They are too cute!

runswithdog said...

Yes, yes yes!!! Vegan Iranian dishes! I can't wait. Also, I have been on an Indian kick and that potato and pea dish looks awesome.

I am going to the potluck with a friend and my husband. We will probably be there right around 7. I am bringing VCTOTW marble cupcakes. Hope to see you there!

Emily said...

aw, cats! i've got sibling cats too--one who is 14 pounds, and one who is 10. (granted, the heavier one is on tons of prednisone, which is why he's so heavy.)

looking forwards to the iranian food!

Harmonia said...

Looks like some great vegan comfort food...great post...thanks for the ideas!!! Have a great rest of the weekend!

Nikki said...

King David's looks like a great place. We might be going up to 'Cuse soon, I will so have to check it out!

Your kitties are very cute. There is something about grey striped cats with white patches that really gets me every time.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for vegan Iranian food! May I request tah digh, please? Thanks, Bazu, and keep up the greatness!


vko said...

Hi Bazu

Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog and of course, Booboo is always appreciates all the flattery!

Let me know what places you decide to check out restaurant-wise while you are down here next weekend!

Can't wait for the eggplant stew post- thanks for calling your mom to ask about it!!

Also happy belated veganniversary- it was a truly eloquent post and great to hear about other people's journey to veganism. I went vegetarian, though still eating fish in about Feb 2002 right after reading Fast Food Nation. I went vegan in March 2006 after I did a detox juice fast and realized that I did not want any animal product in my system anymore because it was such a difficult process to cut out the cravings in the first place. Then I realized that those poor dairy cows are subjected to conditions just as inhumane as animals bred for meat. And in the same manner your cats inspired you, I see Booboo in all animals and factory farms just break my heart.

I'm glad that there are many of us out there. Slowly but surely- all will go vegan. Thank you again for an inspirational blog!

Village Mama said...

good day Marble and Bijou! Your mom and dad's weekly food round ups ROCK!! Everthing looks delicious; the potatoes and peas are the IT item this week that make me want to run down to the kitchen and start cooking dinner but it's only 7am!!

Kate said...

Everything looks so good! I especially like the tofu scramble picture. I have always wanted to try it but just never thought it would come out looking so amazing. I am also loving that middle eastern restaurant, the food looks fantastic and I could not help by admire their bowls and plates.

aTxVegn said...

Wow, even your dinners away from home look amazing! I have never thought of curried corn - sounds great. I love sweet potatoes and beans, and with greens and salsa added in - what a great idea.

I'm really looking forward to the Iranian dishes!

Catherine said...

Glad you liked this dish! The potato and pea curry looks fantastic!

Theresa said...

I've been on a potato kick this past week too. One night I had cannellini beans sauteed with garlic and carrots and sage, over mashed potatoes. Then another night I made pierogies (so good!). And Andy is obsessed with this veggie burger recipe he found in some crappy magazine--cold mashed potatoes mixed with whatever veggies and spices, formed into patties and fried or baked--so we've had those twice in the past week.

I <3 potatoes! Your food looks mighty good :)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see your Iranian dishes, i always love your posts!

Emmy said...

Oh boy, I'm so excited to see your veganized Iranian food :) I can't wait!!!

What a beautiful and colorful meal your friends made for you. Those cupcakes look divine. know I'm a huge fan of Middle Eastern food. That food looks so good...Mmmmmm! Now you've made me hungry for falafel!!!!! Thanks a lot :P

Rob would absolutely love the Indian-style skillet potatoes. Take out the peas and I'm there :) I've been on a potato kick too....Meijer keeps having big sales on potatoes...10 lb bags for a dollar or two. I can't resist.

Your two cats are so darling!!! Thanks for sharing such a sweet picture :)

Hope you and Daiku are keeping warm and out of the snow...I keep hearing about all the cold weather and snow in NY and think of you two.

laura jesser said...

Sorry I'm several days late in seeing this... but wow. I'm really excited about your quest to veganize Iranian food--I'm always ready to learn about new cuisines! Everything looks delicious, especially the black bean-sweet potato dish. You're right, those flavors are a match made in heaven.