Sunday, April 22, 2007

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, everybody!

I thought long and hard about something to write for today. This blog is, after all, devoted to green living. Should I make a list of environmentally friendly things that I do? Nah, that would be self-indulgent and boring. Should I do some product reviews of green products that I use around the house? Nah, I didn't want Earth Day to be only about consumption (buy this! don't buy that!). Should I blog about how I planted a tree today? Nah, it's still too early in Syracuse for tree planting!

Then I realized that Earth Day has relevance not for what we do on this one day, but rather how our choices and actions impact our environment on a continuous basis. There is always time to share tips, product recommendations, or news. Today, I'll leave you guys with these photos that Daiku took from the airplane as he was leaving New Orleans this past week. Looking at these pictures of Louisiana wetlands reminded me of just how big, and how awe-inspiring the Earth is and why we are all so passionate about protecting it! There is always more we can do.

And, for some more thought-provoking reading, check out these blog posts:
  • Amy, from "Musings of a Crunchy Domestic Goddess", has compiled a very long and link-filled list of environmental actions you can take, from the small to the monumental. Click here to get inspired!
  • This latest post from the blog "Better Politics Through Food" really makes you think about our place in the world- how our choices, purchases (or lack thereof), and positions affect those around us.
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New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A., Earth, as viewed from above:

P.S. If you have a lot of time, click here to see more of Daiku's photos of New Orleans



springsandwells said...

Happy Earth Day Bazu!
I love the beautiful pics.

Mihl said...

bazu, thank you for those excellent links. Especially the second one has so many good thoughts in it and is very well written. I am in a similar situation as the writer and have had similar thoughts. I enjoyed Daiku's pictures, too. Beautiful landscape.

runswithdog said...

Happy Earth Day, bazu and daiku. I love the flickr pics. We were in NO a few months before Katrina and it makes me so sad to think of what happened to that city. NO is one of my favorite cities! How did daiku do eating vegan there? We found it to be do-able but definitely a challenge :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Earth Day !

wow so much photos! 2 pages! thanks for share.

Kati said...

New Orleans is beautiful - I had no idea it was so green! Thanks, Daiku. (I'm surprised he didn't get harassed for taking pictures from the plane, as I did.)

laura jesser said...

Earth Day is one of the most significant holidays to me, because you're right--it should impact how we live year-round. Thanks for this post, and for sharing some of Daiku's gorgeous photos!

Candi said...

What a great way to acknowledge Earth Day, Bazu! I get caught up in the "products and actions" so for you to take a step back and see the bigger picture was very interesting and inspiring.

The photos are gorgeous!

Happy Earth Day to you both!

scottishvegan said...

Happy Earth Day (a little late!)! I loved all of Daiku’s photos…thanks for sharing! I almost feel like I’ve been to New Orleans myself now :)

Emmie said...

Earth day isn't big in Sweden. This is the first place I ever heard of it.

Happy earth day to you!

Jackie said...

Belated Happy Earth Day.

Unfortunately with all the polution, global warming etc the Earth isn't doing that well at the moment

Great photos Daiku took :)

Ben Kaelan said...

hey!!! :) Thanks for stopping by! Again I wanted to personally say sorry for being MIA for all this time.

Happy belated earth day. I worked yesterday and it was pretty cool. I rode my bike to work and then I found out Starbucks does this thing every earth day where if you bring a reusable mug you get a free brewed coffee on earth day! Pretty cool!

Missed ya lots!!


- Ben

vko said...

Happy Earth Day! and I think for a lot of us, we carry earth day with us every day...conscious and mindful of our impact in the littlest actions...

Those pictures are great- hope Daiku had a good trip.

aTxVegn said...

Happy Earth Day! Thanks for the helpful links and thanks to Daiku for the beautiful pictures.

KleoPatra said...

Wow, look at those photos. Really nice. Thank you Daiku, and Bazu, of course, for posting these. Gorgeous! EARTH DAY!!

i <3 the Earth... every day!

Emmy said...

Happy Belated Earth Day Bazu & Daiku :) I'll definitely check out Daiku's New Orleans pics.