Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Walk for animals and weekend show & tell

The day was finally here- Sunday, October 8th was time for the Walk for Farm Animals in Ithaca, NY. (More information about Farm Sanctuary: http://www.farmsanctuary.org/) As we showed up to Dewitt park to register, there were 2 Farm Sanctuary mascots, a chicken and a cow, there to greet everybody.

We put on our t-shirts and got ready to walk. All together, we were a group of about 25-30 people (and mascots and pets). The weather on Sunday was a gift, with temperatures near 80 degrees! That put us all in a light-hearted mood. The walk took us around Ithaca commons. We got a lot of supportive honks and waves from drivers and passers-by.

Who didn't appreciate our presence? All the restaurants serving brunch and their patrons, who glared at us before going back to their bacon and sausage.

The group posing after the walk.

It was so fun to do the walk, and these cute kids made it even more fun. The little girl on the left set the pace for the entire walk, chanting "go veg, go veg" the entire time. We talked to some Farm Sanctuary people after the walk about the status of our turkey adoption, and they said we should be hearing from them any day now. Apparently, Farm Sanctuary just rescued a group of factory-farmed turkeys, including some babies, so we might be getting one of them! (Click here for more information on this latest rescue) We are very excited, and hopefully will meet "our" turkey at the Thanksgiving celebration next month.
* * *
The weather was so ridiculously gorgeous that we decided to take a very meandering drive back home.

These changing leaves reminded us that it is indeed October, and not July.

We passed by a llama farm. These creatures are so adorable. When we stopped to photograph them, they looked up for a minute, then went back to their grazing, not at all interested in our presence.

We stopped by the town of Skaneateles, which is a beautiful old town and tourist destination with their seemingly endless lakefront. [When we moved to upstate New York, we were quickly informed that Skaneateles is pronounced "skinny atlas." Also, did you know that Syracuse is properly pronounced "seracuse" by locals?]

The new fruit discovery of the week? Niagara grapes. They are so delicious- they taste like a slightly milder concord grape. Here is a pint we picked up at a farmstand along the drive.

This weekend's full moon was the Harvest moon. Here is a picture Daiku took from the backyard. It really was this bright. Is there anything more romantic than a big full moon?

All in all, a fantastic weekend. It felt nice to walk for the animals. I'm not sure our walk raised any consciousness in the people who saw us, but it raised money, and we got to meet a group of wonderful people.



Vicki said...

What a beautiful day -- both in what you did & what you saw! Great photo of the little girl between the chicken & cow -- "GO VEG!" totally awesome. and Bazu, I love your new look here. :o)

Nikki said...

I love that pic with the little girl too! It looks like an awesome day. I wish we could have more days close to 80 degrees!

Anonymous said...

what a great pictures, especially the little girl one!
thanks for stop at my blog!

KleoPatra said...

I am so happy you (and the others) did that walk, Bazu! WAY TO COME THROUGH for the farm animals!

i *heart* those lovely llamas and it melted my heart to see that little girl and read about her enthusiasm!

THE FUTURE is in GOOD HANDS with kids like that! Sweet news, thanks, Bazu.

Great photos all around there... and wow, Daiku really captured the beauty of the moon there.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful post! I loved it!

Emmy said...

That's great you participated in the Walk for Farm Animals. Love that they had mascots there. How adorable that little girl kept chanting Go Veg. Her parents are raising her right :)

Oooooooh! I love the llama picture! The orchard near us that has the llama is in full tourist trap mode. It's so crowded that we avoid it. I miss feeding the llama. They're so darn cute. The lakefront picture is so pretty.

Niagara grapes? I've never heard of them. I want some. Hopefully they'll be easier to find than snow apples :)

BTW, I'm going to be making your Groundnut Stew either today or tomorrow. Will blog about it when I make it. It looks so good. Unfortunately, I'll have to serve it without the fufu :(

theONLYtania said...

Man, I wish I had known about the walk that was in Philly.

I did go onto the website though and order the t-shirt from 2k5 (on sale for only $2.50.. I'm cheap)

The Lone Beader said...

Those llamas are so cute! They must've just gotten a haircut. LOL

meesh said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful weekend! I've been getting such a kick out of seeing the other walks for Farm Sanctuary. I love that blogges all over the country have participated and shared their experiences. Ain't technology grand?

The pics of the llamas were too cute. We used to have llamas at the ranch where our horse lived and I just loved giving them treats and shritches. They're such cool animals.
That was quite the full moon you had! And the leaves are gorgeous. I knew it, things are prettier on the east coast. :)

bazu said...

Thanks, Vicki-I had a lot of fun playing around with the colors of the page.
Nikki- I know what you mean, I'm pretty sure that was the last 80 degree day!
Johanna- thank you. I loved the little girl, too.
Karen- I totally agree with you- seeing those kids made me feel optimistic about the future. Thanks for your kind words!
Emmy- these llamas were definitely not living anywhere crowded- in the middle of a back road. They were totally oblivious to us, which is probably the way it should be! Definitely try Niagara grapes if you find 'em.
Lone Beader- yes, they looked very spiffy with their short curly hair. So cute.
Tania- I noticed the clearance shirt, too! This year's shirts are cute- although they say "Purely Decadent" on the sleeves. =)
Meesh, thank you, I loved seeing your pictures of the Santa Monica walk, too. And I have to admit, even though I've lived in CA at different points in my life, I'm an east coast lover all the way... but the west coast is gorgeous too.

liza said...

ba-ar! allo!!

i like your sweet blog. especially the pictures of food. *drool* do you know what? my young man and i are moving to san francisco in a couple weeks. and i'm visiting new york city from the 20th through the 25th. what all should i get up to? i haven't been there since 1998!

what is your email address? mine is liza@stellarbaby.com.

<3 liza!! xoxoxo.

bazu said...

Liza! Allo allo!

I'm going to email you right now.

Jackie said...

What great photos you have of what must have been a very successful walk.

The cow and chicken are fabulous costumes.

Dying to see a photo of your baby turkey if you get one. They are such wonderful pets I don't how how anyone could eat them. Must really put a damper on Thanksgiving.

Urban Vegan said...

YAY Bazu. Your walk sounded like fun. Love thos emascots.

And that moon--words can't describe some things.

trac said...

'Seracuse' Is there any other way to pronounce it? LOL I have to admit that I am a bit surprised and disappointed at the walk's reception in Ithaca. Ithaca has a rep for being very tolerant, open and veg-friendly. That is really too bad. Glad you had a beautiful weekend - I had to be out of town for what was probably our last nice weekend until May, and it stormed most of the time where I was!!

bazu said...

Jackie-I agree with you- can't wait to see the turkey! I promise to post her/his photo on the blog.
Urban Vegan-I was very excited about the mascots- and felt sorry for them having to walk on such a hot day in such hot fuzzy costumes!
Trac- so nice to meet a fellow central New Yorker! I didn't mean to make Ithaca sound that bad, honestly, we probably got more supportive waves and honks than glares, but I was a bit depressed. I still think you can't get much more veg-friendly (and generally tolerant and progressive) than Ithaca.

Harmonia said...

Awesome pictures! Congrats on the money raised for a good cause...helping farmed animals!

trac said...

Ah no, I know Ithaca isn't bad and you didn't make it sound that way. I guess it is kind of mythologized a bit as the ultimate progressive town so it was disappointing to hear of ANY negative feedback. Just reminds me not to paint with that broad brush :-)

Kati said...

I wish I had known about the walk when I was visiting last week - I would have joined in!

I love Ithaca and find it to be progressive and friendly on the whole, however, we have to keep in mind that NY state's biggest industry (last I recall) is still dairy farming...hence people are even more inclined (read: brainwashed) to believe that animal products are a necessary part of one's diet and anyone who thinks otherwise is just plain crazy.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous day! I love meandering days where you have no plans and get to explore new places. I really wish there was a walk near me. Unfortunately people here in Nashville aren't very veg friendly.

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