Friday, September 29, 2006

Slate ripped me off!

Slate wrote this article about Spinach and E. coli, may I add, days after I wrote mine! ;-) It has some good arguments about the state of food production and safety in our world.



KleoPatra said...

We know you were first... and had the best info, Bazu!!! Thank you for your research. Slate can stuff it! :o)

Emmy said...

I second what Kleo said :)

Urban Vegan said...

You said it first--but I'm glad Slate wrote about some of the nasty by-products of factory farming. Sadly, e coli is only one of them. And even more sadly, fear factor has kicked in once again: people seem more afraid of spinach than they are aware of the hormone-infested, abused, ecologically exoribitant animal flesh they are consuming in droves.

Harmonia said...

YOU ROCK! We know you ROCK! We know you were the first! You lead the way!!!

I responded to your comment on my blog, too, btw

bazu said...

Hi guys,
thanks for your comments! I was, of course, joking about Slate 'stealing' my idea, but I think it's so important that this conversation is being had. I hope this whole E. coli thing will make more people think about factory farming, the origin of their foods, and how the government is not necessarily the last or best word on safety!