Wednesday, September 06, 2006

5 foods to eat before you die-meme

Chris at EatAir tagged me for this meme that has been going around the blogosphere: I have to name 5 foods that I think everyone should eat before they die. Thanks, Chris!

This is a difficult task--there are SO many foods I love! Should I go with the classics- avocados, persimmons, chocolate...? Should I pick from among my favorite cuisines of the world- Japanese, Thai, Spanish...? There are so many choices of unique, delicious, scintillating foods and dishes out there that I decided to narrow my field by naming the top 5 Iranian foods that I think everyone should try- these are the foods of my childhood, and might be unfamiliar to some, but I urge you to try to track them down!

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1. Sour cherries. These taste distinct from cherries, with a bright and tangy flavor, and they are so good for you. If you can't find fresh sour cherries in the market (they are only available for a short time in the summer) try dried sour cherries or sour cherry preserves. Heavenly.

2. Powdered sour grapes. Yes, a sour theme is emerging! Sour is a major flavor component of Iranian cooking, and cooks achieve it in a number of ways: dried and preserved lemons and limes, lemon/lime juice, pomegranate paste or molasses, the list goes on and on. This powder is made of green, unripe grapes. Put a dash in your next pot of beans, chilli, spaghetti sauce, etc. It brightens the flavor and adds tang and depth, without being overwhelming. Fantastic added to the filling for stuffed grape leaves, stuffed peppers, etc.

3. Zereshk, a.k.a. barberries. Yet another sour thing! Barberries are dried and then used in dishes such as zereshk polo (rice pilaf with saffron and barberries, illustrated below). Definitely a dish to try at least once. It's traditionally served with chicken, which I substitute with mock chicken.

4. Sour orange (can you guess my favorite flavor yet...) These can also be difficult to track down, but are available in the Winter briefly: check your local Iranian or Middle Eastern or North African market. Look for their wrinkled skin and potent aroma. Their flavor is so fragrant and unique. They are an essential component to one of my favorite dishes: zeitoon parvardeh (olive paste.) Throw into your food processor 1. a large handful of pitted green olives 2. 3 or 4 garlic cloves, to taste 3. a handful of walnuts 4. the juice of one sour orange, and whir until blended but not completely smooth. So good on bread with cocktails, or as a side to any entree. If you like the dominant flavors of Spanish tapas or Turkish meze, you will love this!

5. Angelica. This is a delicious and underutilized spice, common to silk road cuisine (Eastern Europe- Caucases- Near East- Middle East- India). A lot of recipes call for angelica, but one of my favorite ways to eat it is to sprinkle it on fresh orange or pomegranate. These combinations evoke wintertime for me as much as baking gingerbread or pumpkin pie!

[Of the above photos, I took the ones of the sour grape powder, barberries, and angelica. I found the rest on the Internet and borrowed them]

Ok, that's my top 5! I have to tag the next 5 people, and this is pretty late in the game, so forgive me if you have already been tagged.


1. Daiku
2. Gaia
3. Theresa
4. Tamara
5. Brooke Ashley

what are YOUR 5 foods to eat before you die?



Emmy said...

What an interesting and informative list! :) I've never heard of barberries before.

eLLe said...

I love your list! these all sound wonderful and, as important, I've never tried any of these (except for the sour orange, which my mom makes into a delicious jam). I like getting motivated to get to know new foods. thanks

bazu said...

Thanks, Emmy and Elle. I thought it would be fun to list stuff that people might not be too familiar with-- I am always on the lookout for things, like spices, that I have never used but can learn to incorporate into my cooking. Emmy, thanks also for your anniversary wishes!

Urban Vegan's Evil Twin said...

You are really a sweet--and sour--vegan.

springsandwells said...

Hey! I was loving, loving, loving your choice of 5 foods! Right on! I didn't know you were iranian. I'm very intrigued by all your choices... NONE of which I've tried. Also, I LOVE Iranian food, and have some Iranian family memebers... I'll have to look you up for some recipe ideas for no ruz next year!

bazu said...

Amey, thanks for your comments- I would be happy to share any recipes I have with you. Iranian food in general is not too vegan-friendly, but it's really easy to veganize. I will blog some examples in the future.
And thank you, U.V., I'm afraid I might be a bit more sour than sweet..!

tamara said...

thanks for tagging me bazu! mine were not nearly as interesting as yours though :-)

Theresa said...

Okay, I'm finally posting my five. Sorry it took so long, and thanks for tagging me!