Sunday, August 24, 2008

vegan 100 in da house!

Behold! The Vegan's 100 list compiled by the awesome Hannah of Bittersweet Blog fame. As you guys know, I'm nuts for lists, so the idea of compiling a list of the 100 foods that every vegan should eat at least once in their lifetime is quite intriguing to me. You can participate too! Just go to Hannah's blog for the original list, and then follow these directions:

1) Copy this list into your own blog, including these instructions.
2) Bold all the items you’ve eaten. (edit: I've also added a big X next to them for greater visibility)
3) Cross out any items that you would never consider eating.
4) Post a comment here once you’ve finished and link your post back to this one.
5) Pass it on!

1. Natto I've heard tons of stories about this scary fermenty Japanese specialty, but I've never tried it. I have promised myself that I will once I get myself to Japan, though!
2. X Green Smoothie Baby spinach and spirulina powder are my smoothie greening agents of choice.
3. X Tofu Scramble Oh god yes. I like tofu scrambled any which way, any which day.
4. Haggis I have not tried vegan (or non-vegan!) haggis yet, but I'll be much closer to its birthplace in a couple of weeks, so who knows...?
5. Mangosteen I've come close! I've had dried mangosteens and bought some fresh ones in Paris which turned out to have gone bad. This fruit sounds so good by all descriptions, that I can't wait for a trip to southeast Asia, to finally try some fresh ones.
6. X Creme brulee I have had this in vegan form in a number of restaurants, but have yet to try making any at home.
7. X Fondue Yes! Fondue is too fun not to have tried.
8. X Marmite/Vegemite I have tried both, and Vegemite is a kitchen staple in our house, to give a savory, "meaty" taste to lots of comforting dishes.
9. X Borscht Yes. Again, I've had yummy veggie borscht in restaurants, but have never tried it at home. Why not? This goes on this Winter's to-do list!
10. X Baba ghanoush Heavenly stuff. Fire-roasted eggplant, tahini, and plenty of garlic, what's not to love? We have this frequently at our house.
11. X Nachos Yes! For Daiku and me, Friday nights are fun nights for dinner, which often means a big plate of nachos.
12. X Authentic soba noodles I can't live without soba noodles. I have them about once a week.
13. X PB&J sandwich
14. X Aloo gobi
15. Taco from a street cart I will not rest until I can say that I have!
16. X Boba Tea
17. X Black truffle
18. X Fruit wine made from something other than grapes
19. X Gyoza
20. X Vanilla ice cream
21. X Heirloom tomatoes
22. X Fresh wild berries
23. X Ceviche Yes. =)
24. X Rice and beans
25. X Knish
26. Raw scotch bonnet pepper - I don't know if I've ever had a raw one!
27. X Dulce de leche
28. Caviar I don't remember, but I don't think I have.
29. X Baklava Mmmm hmmm.
30. X Pate veggie pates kept me alive in Paris.
31. X Wasabi peas
32. X Chowder in a sourdough bowl
33. Mango lassi It's funny- I don't actually know if I've had one since becoming vegan!
34. X Sauerkraut
35. X Root beer float
36. X Mulled cider
37. X Scones with buttery spread and jam
38. Vodka jelly *adds to must-try list*
39. X Gumbo
40. X Fast food french fries
41. Raw Brownies
42. Fresh Garbanzo Beans I'm so intrigued by these, can't wait to come across some
43. X Dahl
44. Homemade Soymilk I don't think I have had this!
45. X Wine from a bottle worth £60/$120 or more
46. X Stroopwafle good god they're tasty.
47. X Samosas
48. X Vegetable Sushi
49. Glazed doughnut - hmmmm. Come to think of it, all the vegan donuts I've had have been cake-style rather than glazed! This must be rectified!
50. X Seaweed
51. Prickly pear - it's about time, though!
52. X Umeboshi
53. Tofurkey I've had lots of Tofurky products, but never the actual big roast.
54. Sheese England, here I come!
55. X Cotton candy
56. X Gnocchi
57. X Piña colada
58. X Birch beer
59. Scrapple sadly, I've never made or tried one. I will soon, though!
60. X Carob chips
61. X S’mores
62. X Soy curls
63. X Chickpea cutlets
64. X Curry
65. X Durian and I liked it!
66. X Homemade Sausages
67. Churros, elephant ears, or funnel cake - again, I'm not sure that I have had vegan versions! Weird...
68. X Smoked tofu
69. X Fried plantain
70. X Mochi
71. X Gazpacho
72. X Warm chocolate chip cookies
73. X Absinthe
74. X Corn on the cob
75. X Whipped cream, straight from the can
76. X Pomegranate
77. Fauxstess Cupcake - Oh god, I'm such a PPK failure... I've never gotten around to making these!
78. X Mashed potatoes with gravy
79. X Jerky
80. Croissants It seems really bizarre, but I can't remember whether I've had vegan croissants or not- crazy!
81. X French onion soup
82. X Savory crepes
83. X Tings
84. A meal at Candle 79 Does Candle Cafe count?
85. X Moussaka
86. X Sprouted grains or seeds
87. X Macaroni and “cheese”
88. X Flowers
89. Matzoh ball soup
90. X White chocolate
91. X Seitan
92. X Kimchi
93. X Butterscotch chips
94. X Yellow watermelon
95. X Chili with chocolate
96. X Bagel and Tofutti
97. Potato milk No, but I'm duly intrigued
98. X Polenta
99. X Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee
100. X Raw cookie dough

Whew! 80 out of 100... I just squeak by with a B- ! Well, now I've got some clear goals set out before me of foods to try. Try this fun meme yourselves- I can't wait to read your lists!



Reborn Vegan said...

I love your blog!!! Here's my 100...

B36Kitchen said...

I love that you have not crossed out any item on the 100 list!

jennconspiracy said...

My list is up but I take exception to the addition of highly processed and packaged foods like soy whipped cream and fake meats, so I've made a "crunchy vegan 100" version of the list, reinstating some items from the original -- like rose harissa, ZOMG! the yum!

bjorkedoff said...

you've never had a vegan samosa?!

Carrie™ said...

That's quite an extensive list. I have had Jamacian Blue Mountain coffee WITH Potato milk in it!! Imagine that.
I loved the bagel post. I eat a bagel almost everyday. Do these come out dense & chewy? That's how I like them. I'd be willing to go through the trouble if they're as good as you say.

Hannah said...

80 out of 100 is awesome, you're pretty much there! I feel like it may become a new year's resolution for me for 2009... ;)

John Plummer said...

I knew you wouldn't cross any off! And it is too bad that you aren't here - I have a raw scotch bonnet pepper sitting ON MY DESK as I type. (A coworker gave it to me so I can plant the seeds and try to grow some of my own.)

Urban Vegan said...


That's the sound of my stomach growling. It's dinnertime and everyone has this mouth-watering list on their blogs....

Jackie said...

Will follow up with this next week :)

Lori- the Pleasantly Plump Vegan said...

i'm a sucker for lists!

Vegan_Noodle said...

My goal is to do this today... love all of your additional comments rather than just posting the list!
And wait, butterscotch chips are in green... you mean you can buy them there but you've never eaten them?

Laura said...

i'm so impressed! there are many many things on this list that i, too, have yet to try...but i guess we're all working on it! and kudos for not having anything crossed off!
i'm interested in this vegan haggis idea...what would it be made out of?? i'm up for the challenge!

liza said...

mangosteen is my favorite froooooot <3 <3 <3 you can find them in san franciscoasian markets, but they always have this spooky flavor to them. i think it's cuz they get frozen and defrosted.

vegetalion said...

Vegan croissants are a dream of mine. They must exist, my dear, and WE MUST FIND THEM.

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