Friday, June 08, 2007

farmer's market bounty

Even though we knew we knew our days in Syracuse were numbered, Daiku and I could not resist making repeated trips to the Syracuse Regional farmer's market, which is just beginning to burst with fresh summery produce. This is actually not my favorite farmer's market, since much of their produce is not local (plums from Chile? Peaches from California? I'd rather go to the supermarket wait until those things can be had regionally) My favorite market, the Downtown Syracuse farmer's market, does not open until later in June.

All that said, we still managed to get too much and had to quickly figure out how to use and/or save them until we would be back home.

I was so excited to see a lady selling rhubarb! That is actually all she was selling. Even though I adore the tangy, sour-sweet flavor of rhubarb, I'd never actually worked with it. However, I had promised myself that this summer would be it. The lady was really nice, she gave me detailed instructions on how to bake a pie, and tips (like to watch out for the amount of moisture they give off). However, I did not get around to baking a pie before I left. Instead, I cleaned, chopped, and cooked down the rhubarb with sugar and just a touch of orange juice. I froze this filling and reserved the liquid. Now, when I get back home, rhubarb pie will be a freezer door (and a crust) away.

Here is an incredibly hydrating and refreshing hot-weather concoction: I call it sushi juice. I simply juiced some organic carrots, daikon, cucumbers and a small piece of ginger. Try some! (Don't worry, it's not savory, it mainly tastes like carrot juice with a slightly cooler, mellower kick)

Here is the tomato we affectionately call "mutant" hanging out with his tomato buddies from the market. Hmmm. These were called "Rochester tomatoes"- does that mean tomatoes from Rochester? Or... Rochester brand tomatoes from California or something...? I'll just assume they were local- they certainly were tasty. Like a lot of other farmer's market bounty, most of these tomatoes went toward cooking for our end-of-the-year party. But a couple of them went toward this simple and satisfying lunch:

Tomato and zucchini slices, simply brushed with olive oil and grilled to perfection, then topped with a bit of fresh thyme. Daiku and I made sandwiches with these veggies and wondered why we don't grill more often.

I hope that wherever you all are, you are able to enjoy fresh local produce- from your own backyard, or from the friendly farmers in the markets!


Susan said...

Gloriously colorful photos, Bazu! They are quite inspirational!

meesh said...

Wow! That's quite the bounty you picked up there. Very, very cool. I love the rhubarb. I bet that's going to make an amazing pie. Yum!

I love a good farmer's market, too. Luckily, we have a couple of good ones around here (L.A.ish) every week. Lots of local growers and such so I feel pretty good about it. The only thing that bugs me is how they all use those little plastic produce bags. I mean, here are all these folks buying local, organic produce...and then we put it all in yet another darn plastic bag. Hmph! I try to remember to bring one of my canvas bags if I can.

aTxVegn said...

Conjoined tomatoes? I had a siamese banana once.

Celine said...

there's no better porn than veggie porn. incredible pics.

textual bulldog said...

that's funny, because i, too, have a personal goal of working with rubarab sometime soon... i'm thinking strawberry rubarb pie? mmm... your rubarb mohito looks crazy good, by the way.

Kati said...

I've never had a conjoined tomato - conjoined strawberries, yes, and lots of pregnant peppers, but no conjoined tomatoes.

I have yet to work with rhubarb myself. The clock is ticking since it will probably be out of season soon, so I guess I should probably get to work, right?

Rachael said...

oh, I know exactly which booh you got that scary mutant tomato at...all those nice, round, normal ones with the occasional freakishly huge lumpy one. But, yeah, I am pretty sure those are local, though greenhouse this time of year. I can't wait until the DT market as well, mostly because the regional market is so incredibly insane on saturday mornings and because of all the whole-salers...good deals, but I rather buy local!

Anonymous said...
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