Sunday, August 27, 2006


Today, Daiku and I volunteered (with the Peace Council) at the second annual Syracuse VegFest. We were really excited, because last year's VegFest was one of the first things we did together after I moved here from California. I thought, any city with this kind of event is all right with me! Here is the website for the Community Animal Project which is the local animal rights organization. Last year, we got to see Howard Lyman (the mad cowboy) and Erik Marcus. We looked forward to a day of cute pets, interesting people, and yummny food.

However, there was just one tiny problem- the weather. Today did not feel like a summer day, rather, a grey, rainy, windy, cold day that could easily be an October or even November one. So, people were slow to show up, and there definitely weren't as many attendees as last year. The man next to us, whose table did not have a tent, gave up and went home rather than get any wetter.

Several times, the wind gusts were so strong, that we had to physically keep things from falling down or blowing into the harbor!

We even had to cover our buttons in plastic to make sure they didn't get wet...

But all in all, we were glad we were there, supporting the VegFest, the Community Animal Project, and the Syracuse Peace Council. We did see cute pets, and did meet interesting people, many of whom drove from afar to get here. It is fantastic that our community can include this event in its list of summer festivals. We saw organizations (such as PETA) as well as individuals all coming together and braving the weather.

So it was a great day, we can only hope for much better weather next year!


Urban Vegan said...

Looks like a great time--even in spite of the weather!

trac said...

Hey! I found your blog through...well, I can't remember who's blog but anyways......I was at the Syracuse Veg Fest with some friends and 2 greyhounds also. We went last year also and I don't want to say we were disappointed because we weren't but it did seem the weather didn't help the attendance :-( I know events like this take so much time and effort and it is wonderful that Syracuse has people willing to do all that work!