Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Blogger's Choice Awards... and tea

Hi all,

I am sorry for my lack of blog posts lately... it's that time of year for me, when deadlines kick in and I have to come out of my fantasy world (wherein I'm a full-time blogger/food writer/cook) and into the real world (wherein I'm a poor graduate student that needs to write about surrealist art).

I promise to come out of the fog of school work and post more regularly soon, though.

In the meantime, I was so happy and proud to notice that some of our favorite blogs have been nominated for Blogger's Choice Awards! If you haven't already done so, go check out the nominees in "best food blogs"- and vote!

Congratulations go out to:

Lolo @ Vegan YumYum
Susan V @ Fatfree Vegan
Jennifer @ Vegan Lunchbox
Jess @ Get Sconed!
Isa @ Vegan Cupcakes
Urban Vegan @ Urban Vegan
Vincent @ Vegan Improv
Kenny @ Vegan Lunchcast
Melody @ Melomeals
Sarah Kramer @ Sarah's Blog
Don't Get Mad, Get Vegan

UPDATE, April 11: I'm seriously humbled to note that this blog has also been nominated. (How did I miss this??) Since you can vote for as many people as you like, please vote for me too!

This is a serious showing for the vegan community! I love all these blogs (please tell me if I've missed anyone), mad props to all the fine vegan bloggers out there. I know you inspire me (and fill my belly and brain) every day.

* * *

Next up, tea. Specifically, "The Staunton Earl Grey" tea. I bought this tin at Trader Joe's 7 or 8 years ago (remember when they carried cool loose teas in tins rather than just store brand tea bags?) The tea is long gone, but I can't bear to let the beautiful tin or the memory of its taste go. This stuff is so delicious- if you like Earl Grey, I'm sure you'll love this complex, citrus-y interpretation.

Problem? I can't find this tea anywhere (loose, in a tin), not even on-line. Does anyone know where I can find this? Is it still available in the U.K.? I'll be eternally grateful to anyone who can help me track this down.

Please. I need my fix. Just this one time. HELP!



KleoPatra said...

Yes! Yes! Bazu, i do remember when TJ's had loose teas in tins! I wonder where you can get this. I'm wondering if Cost Plus World Market might have that? Cost Plus is like Pier 1 but cheaper and, in my opinion, better. If you have one you can visit, check it out. Here is their online site:
http://www.worldmarket.com/home.jsp though i think it's "in store only" for their food and bevs...

Love all those vegan bloggers. And is it not SO cool to have so many be nominated? BTW, they "missed" a few of my own personal faves, and yours is one... :o) i'm finding it hard to pick one to vote on since i <3 almost every one listed!

*sigh* Choices, choices...

Tracy said...

Hey Bazu, good luck with your deadlines....I wish I could help with the tea thing...there is ONE store up here in Nova scotia that would be quite likely to carry this. It's a huge market that specializes in Britsh Imports. It's in the city an hour and a half away, but I'll be going in this weekend or next. I'll look around for it, and if I find it, I'll be happy to pick some up and send it to you. I'll keep you posted....

Village Vegan said...

Woohoo! Maybe vegan bloggers are taking over the world? But now I have to decide who to vote for...choices, choices.

I consider myself a tea fiend, but I've never come across that particular brand of Earl Grey. Now you've made me want to try some! I'll keep my eye out for it...if I ever see it I'd be happy to pick up a box for you.

Good luck with deadlines. As a student myself, I often find cooking/blogging/reading blogs to be so much more enticing than writing papers...at least I'm not the only one!

Urban Vegan said...

Wow--I didn't even know I was nominated; thanks for letting me know. Congrats to all my fellow vegan bloggers--this goes to show that veganism is delicious--and fun, too.

It's such a sad thing when you can't find a product you love. I understand your holding onto that pretty tin. Earl Grey is one of my faves--I think Harrod's is pretty good. Have you tried their's? You may be able to order that online.

Nikk said...

i love earl grey above all else. i will keep my eyes peeled for you!

SusanV said...

Thanks for the shout-out about the Bloggers' Choice Awards. I just wanted to mention for everyone who can't decide who to vote for--you can vote for them all! Plus, you can nominate your own or any other blog that you don't see listed. It's entirely reader-controlled. So vote for those vegan blogs!

SusanV said...

P.S. Everyone also vote for Where's the Revolution?, which is now officially nominated!

bazu said...

Thanks, Susan! It's really important that you mentioned that people can vote for more than one blog.

*blush* please vote for me too *blush*

laura jesser said...

Hmm, I have definitely never seen that tea before, but I will show it to Bob and we will look for it! Bob loves loose tea too and is always looking for something new to try, so... he would have a personal interest in this as well! :p

PS--Congrats on your nomination!

Emmy said...

Hi Bazu :) Good luck with your school deadlines. Congrats on being nominated. That rocks! I hope you can find more of that tea you love. I've never seen it before. I order a lot of my tea from tealuxe.com They have this Blue Flower Earl Grey I love.

Candi said...

Congrats on the nomination, Bazu! (I've voted!) I've enjoyed your blog for so long now and also getting to know you!

I do remember the days when TJ had tins of tea! ooh, I loved that better than the bags. Your tin is very pretty, and I can see why you'd not let it go! I have not seen this brand yet, but I will look around and even ask Jamie if he has seen it in the UK.

You've got me interested in Teeccino! (Did I spell that right?) I have to find some at Whole Foods and try it out!! :)

Hope you had a nice weekend!

KleoPatra said...

Congrats on the nom!! Well deserved, Bazu. Very cool.

Theresa said...

Congratulations bazu and everyone!

Good luck on your tea fix, too! I'll see if that brand is kicking around Australia next time I'm at the shops.

Veg*Triathlete said...

Yay, Bazu! A well-deserved nomination :-) I'll sign in & vote ASAP. I think it's just AWESOME that so many of the food blogs are vegan.

amygeekgrl said...

thanks for your recent comment on my blog. :) i answered you over there.

and congrats on your nomination. ya got my vote. :)

Jackie said...

I am crazy about Earl Grey and Lady Grey Tea and as my friends know this I have lots of tins brought back from their holidays in London or Dubai. They are Twinings, Ahmad Tea and even one from Harrods Store.

Wonderful to see all the Vegan blogs entered and have voted. Quite a few blogs I would like to see are missing. I must remember to nominate some next year.

Jamie said...

Have a look here:


"East India Tea Company - Earl GreyThis orange-flavored tea originated in China and was first observed by Sir George Staunton of the East India Company in 1793. It was originally flavored by Neroli Oil, which is produced from the essence of Chinese Bitter Orange Flowers. Today, most Earl Grey teas get their orange flavor from Bergamot Oil, which is made from a plant that is not even indigenous to China. East India's Earl Grey harkens back to the original by reintroducing Neroli Oil to 20th Century tea lovers. Contains 20 tea bags."

I'm afraid that it's tea-bags and not loose, but it's a start!


Vincent Guihan said...

Thanks for the plug, Bazu! I voted for you under Best Food. I also nominated your blog for 'Best Blog About Stuff' because I enjoy your many other posts about stuff, with or without the food. :) Good luck!

bazu said...

{Squeals of delight} THANK YOU so much, Jamie!! At this point, I'll take teabags over nothing.

Candi said...

Oh, Bazu! That was very sweet of you. Thank you for the nomination! *hugs* :) :)

meesh said...

Hi Bazu,

I know of what you speak! School has been kicking my butt lately. I love the classes I'm taking, but a little breathing room would be nice. :) What does one write about surrealist art?

Congrats on the Webby nomination! I gotta get over there and put in some votes.

Neva Vegan said...

I voted, early and often as they say. Thanks for telling me about it and posting the link.

KathyF said...

As you know, I'm a tea fanatic. I haven't seen that particular Earl Grey anywhere, but I'll look next time I'm at Fortnum and Mason's.

scottishvegan said...

Oh, how exciting that you have been nominated for an award! I have just gone and voted for you…good luck! I have never seen that tea, but I will be in Scotland later this year and if you haven’t got it by then I can certainly have a look out for it there!

Anonymous said...

Sehr interessant!

kitty said...

hi, bazu. i just found your blog and am reading it - newest to oldest - and loving every word and picture.

i realize that your post about east india company's earl grey is about 4 years old and that you no longer post here, but if you never found your beloved tea and you still read comments, this might interest you:


best to you, daiku and the kitties.